Language Propositions

Below is a list of propositions for the Dwarven language. These are works created by individuals with the same goal as us, to turn Dwarven into a proper language. The propositions listed here are provided as a source of inspiration. Why reinvent the entire wheel?

If you wish to give us your proposal, put it under the props: namespace (an example page has been created below. You can click it and read it for easy instructions on creating the page.)

The list below updates automatically, no need to edit this page to make it visible.

List of Articles:

Proposition Example — lue42
Loam Proposition — Loam
Owlbread/Dwarfhoplite Proposition — Owlbread
Kiss Dwarfish Proposition — Halfling42
Proposed Dwarven Mumbo-Jumbo — Rokh

Note: Due to the largely individual nature of these propositions, they are not automatically licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0. You will need to ask the author of the proposition for permission if they have not specified the licensing terms in the proposition.

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